Saturday, November 20, 2010

Google Sky Map Review

I finally found the ultimate app out there for Android - no surprise its from Google!
You just point the phone at the sky and it shows you the names of the heavenly objects on screen!!! Stars, planets, constellations, galaxies even! Also, in case you cant find it, you can type the name, eg: moon, and voila, it guides you to which part of the sky that object currently is.

And there is a new feature called time travel, whereby you can view the sky forward or backward in time - so u can see historic eclipses or plan your future ones.

Another nice thing is that, though it uses GPS to automatically find your current position, in case your GPS is slow, or you dont have GPS, or you simply want the sky details of another point on the planet, you have an option to directly enter the coordinates (latitude and longitude - which you can find out from wikimapia). Combine this with the cool Time Travel feature, and you can plan when to take your girlfriend to the beach so u wont miss the sunset next week for super brownie points ;)!

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