Thursday, November 11, 2010

Favourite must-have Android Offline Apps

work in progress!
In this must have list, I will be focusing on apps that do their work without net connectivity.
Swype apk: This is basically an alternative to the basic keyboard Input in Android. Swype greatly reduces ur typing speed by allowing u to drag ur finger over the letters of a keyboard instead of typing each letter one by one. It then guesses smartly the correct word or gives you options if more than 1 word is eligible! On some Android phones, this comes default installed, but on others you have to install it. Make sure you dont install this if you already have it installed. You wont get this on Market but you can install it from the apk link I've given.
Flashlight by Devesh Parekh apk: One touch app that turns your phone into a white full bright screen. Very useful especially if you usually keep your phone on lowest light and you one day find yourself needing some light in the dark...
Advanced Task Killerapk: EXCELLENT APP. Using this to kill unnecessary apps that run in the background, I was able to extend my Android battery by 6-8 hours (I can get max 48 hours with mild usage and no 3G).
App Monster apk: A good application manager - shows u all user apps that are installed, gives you an option to back up the apps onto your sd card (useful if you installed the app via Market and dont have apk file to install later once you uninstalled).
Cardiometer apk: Inspires you to start losing weight with all its cool features!!! Shows you your calories burnt, distance travelled, even running route on a map if GPS is enabled and so much more...
J2ME Runner Home: Run almost any Mobile Java application on your android with this.
Vignette apk: A great replacement for the default Android Camera
Chomp SMS apk: Alternative to the default Android SMS app. Has a slightly better threaded view and customizable colors.

Google Sky Map Home: THE BEST APP EVER! Detailed review at my other post here.

Angry Birds apk: Amazing addictive game
Abduction apk: First bestseller on Android - a fun motion sensor game
Fish food apk: Interesting game with a new take on the old matching colours game.

For offline installation and best places to download apk files, check my previous post, Applications for Android - Online vs Offline Installation

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