Monday, October 11, 2010

Dangerous scripts - safety tips

Hadn't checked Orkut for a while - and was shocked to yesterday to see a virulent script-worm spreading across it... even some of my very net-savvy friends were victims too.

If you clicked on this script link while logged in to Orkut, it steals your password, enrolls u automatically in strange communities, and makes auto-spam posts onto all your friends testimonials, communities, etc. Read details here:

Bottlomline - don't get on the net if you can't learn these simple safety tips:
1) Don't blindly click on Yes when getting browser prompts to run suspicious scripts.
2) Don't ever click on suspicious links or emails even if it's from someone you know well.
3) Don't ever ever click on suspicious links or emails while you are logged on into an online account (specially popular ones like Yahoo, gmail, orkut, facebook, etc)

Also, have at least one good Firewall software running (even though XP onwards have one built-in). Even a free one like Commodo if you are advanced enough.

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