Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Little Guide of IT Jargons and Acronyms

Here's an age-old problem perhaps much before the time Pythogaras stated to a non-mathematical audence: "The square of the hypotinuse..."

See most of us techies are really proud of the way we can rattle of so many tech terms and especially acronyms. Unfortunately, a sentence like that would just go right over a non-techie client or a new team member. What makes things worse is that requirement and document acronyms often vary from company to company.

Of course there are people who use them a lot to show off... and its the general opinion of the other crows that lots of jargon/acronyms implies you are loud-mouthed and/or not really knowledgeable. I absolutely agree when I hear Sales people at Mutual Funds talking about CAMS (of course I do catch them red handed if its a computer shop salesperson!).

Unfortunately a lot of the times, we techies are simply unaware when we're doing it! Perhaps what we could do is distribute a common acronym list before a client meeting? Something like below... of course the list would grow (or shrink?) based on client feedback after every meeting.

I would keep updating as the list would be obviously too large to put up at one go!
The Little Guide of IT Acronyms:
Tech Acronyms
BPM - Business Process Mangement
EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
ETL - Extract, Transform, Load
JSeam - JBoss Seam
RIA - Rich Internet Application
SaaS - Software as a Service
SOA - Service Oriented Archiecture
SOBA - Service Oriented Business Application
XSD - Xml Schema Definition
WSDL - Web Service Definition Language

Doc acronyms
CDS/FDS/TDS - Component/Functional/Technical Design Specification
Specs - Requirement Specifications
SSRS - Sub-System Requirements Specification
UTP - Unit Test Plan
UTR - Unit Test Results

UIT/UAT - User Integration/Acceptance Testing

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